Vince Russo & TNA Officially Part Ways

Vince Russo is officially done with TNA. Russo was informed by John Gaburick that his consulting services were no longer needed. The source notes that his involvement with TNA was “less than warmly received” by SpikeTV, and that it may have had an affect on negotiations for a new TV deal.

Russo confirmed the departure on Twitter, posting the following…

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  1. some guy says:

    Sad news to all that wanted TNA to end because this news could possibly save their TV deal. If TNA is able to get a new deal with Spike, I’d imagine that Spike board execs might be a little more involved into knowing who is working backstage. Just so that the Carter’s are not hiding anything.

    • Justin J. Mascari says:

      This may be TNAs saving grace to get their tv deal negotiations back on track. But the remaining question, is Russo telling the truth or lying again?

  2. Shane Mead says:

    Pretty obvious now what the tipping point was with Spike. Vince Russo.

  3. mike says:

    atleast credit pwinsider when you steal their storys

  4. Vince Russo says:

    1) Wake Up
    2) Kill Company
    3) Leave

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