Why El Patron Had A Quiet Reaction For iMPACT! Debut

— New Japan Pro Wrestling are set to debut in Long Beach, California on July 1-2. They have created a website to give fans updates on the event, including announcements, exclusive content and more.

— During Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling, Alberto El Patron made his debut with the promotion, only he received a quiet reaction when he came out. Patron’s segment was reshot after a production error named him as “Alberto de Patron” on the video wall. The re-taped entrance was different from the original one, in which received a “massive pop” that he reveled in while on the stage. The re-taped entrance explains why the audience can’t be seen or heard as he walks down the ramp.

— A Twitter user posted a meme on Kurt Angle’s Twitter timeline, which stated that, “no great story ever came out of a glass of milk,” Angle (who has had issues with alcohol abuse in the past) replied with the following…

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