WWE’s Reaction To Eric Young’s TNA Title Win

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There are many people within WWE who are “incredibly amused” with the fact that TNA put their world championship on Eric Young, which is being seen as an obvious rip-off of WWE giving Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Nobody reportedly has an issue with Eric Young as a worker or a person, but WWE officials are now laughing at the booking of the entire angle and said it’s “ridiculous.”


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  • The DOLPHin

    Hahahaha I’m incredibly amused at not only Eric youngs title win, but TNA as a whole

  • Calvin


    I love that even the WWE is laughing at TNA.

    Usually it’s just the IWC.

  • Gotcha again

    Pointing out???? You pointed out nothing!!!!


  • Calvin

    You pointed out nothing Mark!!

    Spike still hasn’t offered a contract!!


  • That guy

    Troller_of_the_site the only thing you constantly point out is ridiculous sound when you post on this site.

  • Joe

    400 fans

  • Calvin

    Satisfied with that WEAK Impact rating??


  • some guy

    Uhhhh if you are a TNA fan like you claim then you would have known about the multiple times that TNA took shots at WWE not the other way around.

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