Backstage Heat On Randy Orton Over Reigns?

There is backstage heat on Randy Orton from other wrestlers for his “crowd killing” style during his house show matches with Roman Reigns over the weekend. The matches were said to have been received very negatively by the live audiences as well as backstage.

Some WWE wrestlers, still frustrated with a drop in payoffs and the late WrestleMania payment, are concerned that Orton may be slowing down Reigns’ rise to the company’s top babyface. The belief among those concerned wrestlers backstage is that John Cena can’t carry the entire load and Daniel Bryan remains a question mark due to injuries, so a new babyface star like Reigns is badly needed with hopes that that would improve business and benefit everyone down the card.

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  1. o.O says:

    Oh shocker… Orton is being a d-bag. Idk why… It’s not like he had anyone like HHH giving him advice from early on or anything.. Oh wait… I’m never too surprised when I hear stories of Orton being an a$$. Has everyone forgotten about his super hilarious “ribs” he used to pull when he started out? He used to take dumps in other talent’s suitcases. Hilarious Randy. Great joke. Supposedly he’s not “that guy” anymore ever since getting clean but still, I’m never surprised to see this kind of thing.

  2. Joe says:

    What’s “crowd killing”? Like…slowing down the pace of a match?

  3. Barnaby Jones says:

    Romans Reigns can’t work matches so every match is the heel beating him down until he “defies the odds” and hits his 3 moves for the win.

  4. Paula Joplin says:

    If Orton doesn’t ruin it then I’m sure WWE will somewhere down the line, they always do!!!

  5. El Caliente says:

    WWE are forcing Roman Reigns to make it seem like he’s the break out star of The Shield he’s going to fail he’s too green still.. his match with Orton at Summerslam will have “boring” chants all over it. They have potential and ready to go top stars in Cesaro Wyatt Dolph Ziggler and even Wade Barret but they’re holding back those guys that people organically get behind in favor of their idea of what’s right.WWE’s booking just don’t make any sense they have too many hollywood writers in their creative

  6. Rosebud says:

    Roman Reigns RULES!!
    He is the Future of the WWE!!
    Dont like it? Go watch the vanilla midgets in tna…oh wait. LOL
    ps Dolph Ziggler sucks you hipster indie smarks

  7. jtgsclik says:

    Rooting for Orton on this one. Hope he buries him so badly the Mcmahons lose faith in him. He’ll be saving the company in the long run, Reigns is only in the WWE because he sucked at football and they’ll regret trying to make him the next Cena. Let Wyatt, Rollins, Cesaro, and literally anyone but Reigns take the lead.

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