Backstage News: WWE Paying Ranallo Not Speak On JBL?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATE x 2: There have been rumors that WWE is paying Mauro Ranallo to not talk about his problems with JBL, but it should be noted that a settlement between WWE and Ranallo has not been confirmed yet.

WWE is reportedly working on a settlement which would include a clause that prevents Ranallo from talking publicly about the issues. Ranallo is under contract until August 12th and his current contract doesn’t give him permission to have unauthorized interviews.

UPDATE x 2: Mauro Ranallo took a shot at JBL on Twitter after reports surfaced this weekend that he was not returning to WWE over his problems with his fellow announcer. Several major media outlets have been reporting on JBL’s alleged history of bullying other WWE employees (see original report below), which is said to be what led Ranallo to take time away from the company and now will not be brought back for the rest of his contract.

Ranallo returned to social media today and, among other tweets, took a shot at JBL in reply to a user-posted video of JBL getting knocked out by Bart Gunn during the Brawl For All tournament in 1998:

Ranallo also thanked wrestlers for supporting him as well as his Showtime Boxing family, though WWE was notably not mentioned. He also used a #BringTHISToTheTable hashtag in reference to his goal of 200,000 Tweets:

UPDATE: JTG spoke with Wrestling Inc the wake of new attention on JBL’s alleged pattern of bullying WWE employees. The former WWE star told the site that he was never bullying by JBL and got advice from him on several occasions.

“He didn’t bully me,” JTG said. “He was actually cool with me and pulled me to the side a few times to give me advice. And [he] gave me free Mama Juana (male aphrodisiac), his Dominican Elixir, whenever I wanted a case (laughs).”

ORIGINAL: As previously reported, the issues regarding JBL and his history of allegedly bullying and harassing other WWE workers have been flaring up this weekend. Additionally, there were reports of tensions between JBL and SmackDown Live! announcer Mauro Ranallo leading to Ranallo disappearing from WWE TV. The current reports note that Ranallo is not expected to return to WWE TV, and his contract with the company is slated to expire in August of this year (2017). Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts also claimed that JBL had his passport stolen and that this behavior was encouraged by Vince McMahon and WWE higher-ups. JBL has denied he was the one who stole Roberts’ passport.

Besides the CBS Sports and Deadspin reporting on the story, in Pennsylvania also picked it up. Forbes also released its own article on the controversy. The article did not really add anything to the table, but it did point out WWE’s strong promotions for anti-bullying efforts with WWE’s Be a STAR campaign, writing, “WWE’s Be a STAR campaign is a staple of its community outreach as WWE Superstars lead anti-bullying rallies across the country.”

Justin Roberts posted the following excerpt from his new book, talking about the culture of bullying in the wrestling industry:

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