Backstage Update – Is The Undertaker Retired?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest update on The Undertaker. WWE has spoken with him about coming back. But after the WrestleMania match, where he suffered a concussion, and all of the other injuries he has had, he told the company that it “wasn’t looking good”.

But this does not mean any decision has been made. ‘Taker is in the gym and working out. He also has a major gym and ring inside his home in Texas. In past years, he would be negative on a comeback until September. Once September would come, he would make his decision to come back for WrestleMania. We shall see.

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  1. The DOLPHin says:

    What’s the point in him coming back? The only thing he ever came back for was the streak and now it’s gone so what else does he owe to the wwe. I have blocked that terrible match with Brock from memory so I don’t have to remember taker that way lol I don’t wanna see anymore “forced” matches by him. Put him in the HOF!

    • Rosebud says:

      1 More Match, at Wrestlemania so he can retire with a WIN. Possibly against Sting.

      • The DOLPHin says:

        I mean I’m all for sending him out with a win. I just think a Taker vs. Sting match would be really bad lol

        • Edge3050 says:

          Every year the same thing.
          – He should retire
          – One more match
          – He’s gonna wrestle Sting/Goldberg/Lesnar (ok, so we got that last one)

          I dont care, what I want is that this man looks out for his health, he took nasty bumps during WM and he had some issues with his health because of them. He needs to think what the sane thing is to do at this time and place.

  2. The Disciple says:

    sting and his matches are still epic and its once a friggin years

  3. Colonel Duke LaCrosse says:

    Does anyone believe WWE would allow Taker to retire without making it a huge deal? Is anyone really stupid enough to think Taker would lose a match that had horrible buildup then we’d never see him again? Get your heads out of your a.s.s.e.s. people

  4. lynx says:

    He should return to GM a show or manage someone. That way he’s still around, but doesn’t have to get in the ring.

  5. Bryan Craven says:

    I would like for Sting to debut at the Royal Rumble then the next night on Raw challenge the Undertaker for Wrestlemania 31!..To just bring Taker back for the sake of it would be pointless…Anything less than a match with Sting wouldn’t be worth the effort…I say Sting or put him in the HOF already…

  6. TheLX "IC CHAMP" says:

    Just let the old guy retire already. WWE can throw him a parade or make something megasuper at the HoF, I don’t care really, just let him rest already. And I don’t think a Sting VS Undertaker match at this point would be too epic. Just let these things go, people.

  7. Nomad says:

    The biggest problem is one of memory. People for years wanted him to retire so that we wouldn’t want to watch a match where he was physically unable to perform at his level. The Punk/Taker match was the year that you saw that, but it wasn’t too bad. Then came Brock and that God awful match that far too many people remember.

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