Backstage Update – Sting’s WWE Contract Offer

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest on Sting and WWE.

According to sources, things were going very smoothly several months ago when the two sides were talking. When it came time to sign the contract and the specifics were discussed, the deal WWE offered ended up being similar to the standard $10,000 legends contract. Also, there were no other guarantees included which Sting wasn’t pleased with as you’d expect.

Talks are still ongoing but no deal has been reached as of this writing. For what it’s worth, many expect a deal to be completed – it’s just a matter of when.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Let the commenters go crazy …….. 🙂

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  1. disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

    10K Legends Contract seriously??? That must be a typo. I know Taker wasnt making Peanuts working once a year, maybe 10 Mil. Same thing for Rock, Hogan, Nash, any other Legend who has done a WM or SS in recent years.

    Maybe thats why Sting hasnt signed they are offering Peanuts??

  2. The DOLPHin says:

    Yeah I think at this point, sting coming in to work a match or whatever would be pointless. Wwe has a lot of talent and there isn’t a need for any oldies to come in and steal somebody’s thunder. Hopefully they learned their lesson with bluetista

    • Shane Mead says:

      How is Sting comparable to Batista? Batista is not on the same level as Sting when it comes to workrate and star power. Sting has never been in the WWE before, it would be a massive deal. $10k legends deal is an insult.

      • The DOLPHin says:

        Oh yeah i completely agree. But I mean it’s not like sting is in the best physical shape. I guess if they could come up with something interesting for him to do at WM31 it would be fine. Just as long as he isn’t the focal point of the show like the part timers are usually when they come back for WM. I think their roster is to the point now where they could have full time guys in all of their big matches at WM just like they used to

        • Philip Vanderheyden IV says:

          Fully agree. I think if Sting was just a part of the show and not pushed to the top of the card, it would be a gigantic success.

    • some guy says:

      But fans want to see Sting wrestle one time in WWE. Fans love the legends & they beg them all the time chanting ONE MORE MATCH!!

  3. VKM says:

    Im more excited that Flair might be coming back full time, rather then Sting.

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