Backstage Update – WWE Bringing Back Ex Talent

As previously reported, WWE is looking to bring back several midcard names in order to fill out the roster and improve house show attendance, as well has help get the younger talent over. Among the names being discussed are John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Low Ki. Benjamin is out of his ROH contract and is considered a likely return; MVP has said he is open to coming back but currently is under contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling and is happy working there.

Other names discussed for Royal Rumble appearances include Tommy Dreamer and the New Age Outlaws. Christian may appear in the match, as he is ready to return.

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  1. Chaosx says:

    Can’t wait for Christian to return, his injury killed the biggest push in his career. Would be awesome as a surprise royal rumble winner.

  2. om ok says:

    I would really love to see Shelton, Henry, Christian and I know it is a long shot, but man, I would love it if they debuted chris hero aka kassius ohno in the rumble match, and perhaps have a little KOW moment in the rumble with Cesaro.

  3. doodbro says:

    There are many amazing small men in wrestling, low ki is not one of them. Zero personality and an over inflated ego–keep him away.

  4. Nas says:

    Shelton Benjamin has all the skills. His technique, speed, and strength is a rare gift to find. WWE didn’t use him properly before and he should have been a main event superstar. The only reason was due to his height back then. If he comes back make him FACE not a MAMMAS BOY HEEL. Please use him correctly

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