Cena On If Rock Feud Has Spilled Into Real Life

John Cena did an interview with Arizona Central about the Royal Rumble, and he was asked if his feud with the Rock spilled into real life. Here are highlights:

On the Royal Rumble: “Believe it or not, I like the Rumble. It’s extremely unpredictable and over-the-top. Everyone in the WWE universe looks forward to it. It becomes that one event each year where people center around.”

On if he’s rooting for CM Punk or The Rock: “I’m torn. CM Punk has been champion for quite a long time now, but I know from my past instances with Dwayne Johnson that he’s very difficult to beat.”

On if in-ring feuds spill into real life: A lot more than people would think. People think it’s one big happy family, but attitude and egos do get in the way.”

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  1. Nas says:

    cena’s acting like the royal rumble is up for grabs, when he knows he’s going to get the push, he’s going to get the title run, and he will continue to be the face of the WWE. Stop acting so innocent. If you were held back alittle id bet we would see a different side of you.

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