CM Punk Rips Lance Armstrong, R-Truth & JR Tweet

— WWE Champion CM Punk took a shot at Lance Armstrong this week. Armstrong recently admitted to doping and cheating in an Oprah Winfrey interview that aired this week. Here is what Punk had to say on his Twitter account:

“Lance Armstrong is a pussy. Straight edge. Drug free. For life. #livestronger”

— R-Truth tweeted fans in North Carolina if they would like to be a part of his upcoming video shoot:

“Wonder if there’s some folks on twitter that’s from N.C area, that wants to come be apart of my video shoot?”

— Jim Ross made the following post on his Twitter account that confirmed that WWE is planning to build an actual Hall of Fame building:

“My guess is yes. Orlando a likely site. All TBD.”

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  1. Captain Obvious says:

    “You are a vagina!” – CM Punk

  2. nivk says:

    I would laugh my ass off, if they put it in Orlando. You know…the place that has always been anti WWF/E. WCW & TNA have always been there.

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