Could Batista Become A Hollywood Movie Star?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There’s a feeling in Hollywood that due to the incredible success of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, which Batista has a lead role in, as well as the seemingly universally positive reviews for his work in the film, that “The Animal” is likely to receive offers for some major starring roles in future projects.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” film had the best opening for a movie in the month of August in history and the 32nd biggest opening weekend for a film of all-time as the film drew over $90 million ($94,320,883) in its opening weekend.

“Hercules,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, fell to $11,010,367 in its second weekend, a drop of 63% from the opening weekend.

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  1. Victor Kwon says:

    doubtful if he’d become that big of star, considering he’s already aged quite a bit and he wouldn’t be able to hold his own in a starring role like The Rock. I’d like to see him get more roles in the future but the market for “buff action stars” is almost non-existent these days – these are the days of superhero films and novel adaptations.

    • TheLX "IC CHAMP" says:

      Well, he will probably reprise his role at least once or twice. Plus, don’t get me wrong, but the Rock isn’t that big of a movie star IMO, he just gets roles in movies that end up doing well. Most of his movies are kind of mediocre. Not to say, that this movie did well, because of Batista, because I doubt that

      • Victor Kwon says:

        I don’t think the rock’s movies are all that amazing either, but if you’re looking at numbers alone, he WAS the highest grossing actor last year. put Batista in any of those roles and I guarantee it would have been a completely different story, since he doesn’t have the draw factor that rock has. yeah Batista will reprise his role but the bottom line is these movies come every three years or so, what’s he going to do in the meantime?

        • ℰ ɱ ɨ ɭ ӌ says:

          The one summer blockbuster that he has had a leading role in, opposed to becoming a lead in an already established saga, didn’t do the greatest.

        • ℰ ɱ ɨ ɭ ӌ says:

          He had the most worth last year because he is becoming a Nicolas Cage actor where he accepts anything he is given. He did FIVE movies last year, if he didn’t make the most money compared to the actors who maybe do two movies a year it would have been incredible.

          Out of those five movies, it was roles in sequels that are anticipated. GI Joe 2 and Fast and Furious 6.

          His most successful movie that he had a lead role in that wasn’t a sequel was the Scorpion King 12 years ago…

          Besides that it was The Game Plan and the Tooth Fairy.

          • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

            Exactly Rock was highest Paid last year because he accepts everything. Perfect analogy “New Era Nick Cage”.. Doesnt mean the Movies are good or that hes always the LEAD cause more then half the time hes the side kick. Funny thing is, Robert Downey Jry makes 1 Ironman Movie or Avengers movie… and the Rock makes 10 movies Downey Jr still highest paid… Hahaha… Because Downey Jrs Ironman is most irreplacable Character in the Marvel Universe in the eyes of the important people. So he a “TRUTH A LIST” ICON Actor, can and does hold the studios up for a kings ransom basically.. Anywhere from 50-100 mil a movie + royalties.

            And Bautista can be a Star in Hollywood, if Rock can do it.. Bautista can.. People trying to act like hes old. Rock is 42, Bautista is maybe 48-50 so he isnt Stallone or Szharzenneger in his 60s + and those guys are still rolling doing Expendables 3.
            Plenty of roles in hollywood just like the one in GOG, and if Bautista just stuck to Marvel or DC Comic films and played these bruting beasts goliath of men with major or semi major roles, he could have recurring roles for years. Getting paid in Spades… Riding in escalades, living on an island he owns by himself.

          • Victor Kwon says:

            RDJ isn’t a good example because he has a huge price tag – he’s older, he’s a former oscar winner, and he’s diverse. He’s been acting a lot longer than Rock and he can actually act well (with the exception of IM3). Rock however has a much smaller price tag and has the bonus of being already in shape, instead of having to give these actors months of steamed chicken to look buff. rocks a safe investment and still makes money. Not many actors can say that.

          • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

            Downey Jr is a great Example. Because the argument was Bank Accounts and how Rock is such this Rock Star?? Yet he really is New Era Nick Cage, he accepts every film role available and more then half hes the sidekick or less. Rock had top earner for a year, the year Downey jr. Wasnt active.. But Downey jr… A TRUE A LIST ICON ACTOR, makes 1 IM movie and hes top earner. Why because he is seen as most irreplacable character/actor in marvel universe… So he can get what he wants. And whenever Downey Jr makes a film, Rock wont touch the top.

            Also Victor Kwon, its not Hate when you speak TRUTH! I like Rock one of my favorite wrestlers, but Im judging him on the Arnold Scharzenneger, Stallone, Action hero Solo career curve and he hasnt had or carried his own franchise like Terminator,Rambo,Rocky, etc so hes just takes all roles available=NEW ERA NICK CAGE!!
            Rock doesnt get a pass, just because hes a great wrestler.
            If he wants me to see him as a great Actor and as great a success, he needs to be more selective in his choices of film making instead of flooding the market with bunch of turds.

            Lastly no need to take shots at Bautista… Cause your a Rock lover. Bautista is on the come up and can be a star. Playing the bruting goliaths either as leads or semi leads, he will have recurring roles in Marvel /DC films getting paid in spades, riding in escalades.

          • Victor Kwon says:

            you keep missing the point. I’m not saying the rock is better than RDJ because you can’t compare the two, nor am I saying Rock is even that great an actor. As far as HOLLYWOOD is concerned and the people with the money pulling the strings, ROCK is a fairly safe investment. I’ve worked in the film industry so I know how the industry works. they don’t want to hire actors like RDJ because they’ll have to pay him in the hundred millions. UNLESS you’re making a huge film like Avengers. The name of the game is spend the least money to minimize any risk of loss, and then make the most profit. Does that make sense?

            I’m not even hating on Batista, I said I want to see him do well.

            If you want to respond back, try to make some sense next time?

          • Victor Kwon says:

            Nobody’s arguing the Rock’s movies are all that amazing, I’m just talking from a pure numbers standpoint. You might look at Rocks last year and think he just doesn’t say no to a role, but business people look at it and see the numbers. And these people are the ones in control of Hollywood. That’s what Cage CANT say – sure he takes on a hell of a lot of roles, but most of these films tank in the box office. Hate on The Rock’s acting career all you want but he IS a draw and pulls in numbers (a lot of older ladies who like that big buff light skinned black look), something Batista isn’t.

          • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

            Victor Kwon, we are making 2 totally different arguments, none of which are more right or wrong then the other, so Im squashing this here and now.
            Oh and I worked in hollywood for a couple years as well and still have friends and contacts in the business so I know how it works.

          • Victor Kwon says:

            considering that I was the one who started this discussion, I think the fault is on you for misunderstanding the argument and making little sense regarding the Rock’s acting career. You tried to compare him to RDJ which I pointed out is asinine, and then you compared rock to Schwarzenegger and Stallone which is also terribly misguided considering these guys were huge at a time when the film market wanted guys like them. Not to mention they had a lot of embarrassing films over the years – way more than ROCK has.

            It’s a common misunderstanding, your arguments. But it’s not my fault if you made them.

          • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

            Victor Kwon, seriously this is non sense. It doesnt matter if you started the discussion. My first argument and reply had nothing to do with you even if you started the discussion. I replied to someone else, who I agreed with and it was a different argument. And from there we have been going back and forth in disagreement. So were going to have to agree to disagree.

          • Victor Kwon says:

            You replied to someone who was REPLYING TO ME. If you want to drop it, that’s fine, because I think you realized you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

            No I REPLIED JUST TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! You dont own the DANG discussion because you started it. I started a lot of discussions but within them are several sub discussions held by separate individuals. What the _ is your issue?? You dont have superior rights.
            Freedom belongs to everyone not to the select few.
            If you dont like what I say, to dang bad.

            I know exactly what I talk about!

    • o.O says:

      We can only hope he becomes Rock big in hollywood. Then he won’t come back. Please let him be a huge star… Please?

    • Orlando Rivera says:

      Hollywood has no age limits

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