Dave Batista: ‘I Look Like A Shaved Gorilla!’ + More

It was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend that Marvel will go ahead with a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, set for release on July 28, 2017. Batista plays Drax the Destroyer and has been getting positive feedback in film reviews. If his character lives, it’s reasonable to assume that he’ll return for the sequel.

Speaking of Batista and Guardians, he recently spoke with The New York Post about the film.

When asked about getting into shape to play Drax, he replied: “I actually started lifting weights to put some weight back on for the role. [Before,] I avoided the weights and really tried to trim down because I was trying to get more roles, which is really hard to do when you look like a shaved gorilla.”

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  1. NegativeFeedback says:

    I read 2 reviews and they both said Batista was awful and had no charisma.

    • sonatona10 says:

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    • Victor Kwon says:

      maybe he should’ve started out heel.

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