Finn Balor: ‘I Got ‘Retrained’ During My Visit To Japan!’

Finn Balor spoke with the Straits Times as part of his Singapore promotional tour. Highlights are below:

On how traveling around the world helped him prepare for WWE: “I arrived in Japan when I was 24. I was just a boy with no experience of the world, outside of Ireland. Through my eight years, I developed into a cultured human being and kept myself on an even keel with everything I’m doing now in WWE.”

On getting “retrained” in Japan: “I trained in the UK originally and when I went to Japan, I got retrained in the Japanese style. There’s a lot of attention to detail. It’s almost like I was trained twice. I really believe that the attention to detail in the dojos and the Japanese fighting spirit to never give up, was instilled in me at an early point.”

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