GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Brock Lesnar Gets Stitches!

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  1. 1996Na says:

    mod please dont block my comments

  2. Bork Laser says:

    Stitches aren’t graphic, they make you look like a badass!

  3. Tommy Colosi says:

    staples are painful… its funny in a way that they hurt more coming out than they do when they are in.

  4. John Kerns says:

    Let’s see how good of a bully Brock really is now that someone made HIM bleed.

  5. Sly Boots says:

    Stitches… Staples… Same thing. Right Ryan? I agree these aren’t graphic. You might as well have said *Graphic* WWE Doctors Wore Surgical Gloves.

    What we don’t see is Brock F5d every member of the medical staff after they were done. Then he snapped the janitor’s arm. Breaking News!

  6. dan says:

    Did anyone else see him directly bleed when he went head first into the ring post how on earth did he get cut from the back?

  7. Sly Boots says:

    Quick predictions for Mania bc I feel like making fun of how bad it is bound to be. Starting with the bigger bouts:

    Lesnar jobs to HHH bc calling Brock “The Beast” and then having him lose to Cena and then to HHH for a 1-2 record makes TOTAL sense.

    Swagger beats Del Rio and promptly turns the WHC belt into a bong

    Cena beats Rock bc they were stupid to give a part timer the belt in the first place. Raw ratings somehow plummet into what equates to negative 4 million people watching the Raw after Mania as a result of Cenafest 2013

    Punk loses to Taker bc GONNNNNNNG

    Mark Henry beats who cares and informs us this is what he does

    The Shield has a match against Ryback, Sheamus and Orton. No one wins bc no one cares. Ryback eats the first 3 rows of fans.

    PPV mysteriously goes dark for the exact duration of the Diva’s Championship (thanks Vince) both at home and in the arena

    There. I saved us all $79.

  8. Deathwish says:

    NO WAY THIS CUT IS LEGIT. It’s on the back of his head replayed it a dozen times. HHH cut him then LESNAR handed the blade to Vince watch it again!!!!

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