GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Brock Lesnar Gets Stitches!


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  • 1996Na

    mod please dont block my comments

  • Bork Laser

    Stitches aren’t graphic, they make you look like a badass!

  • Tommy Colosi

    staples are painful… its funny in a way that they hurt more coming out than they do when they are in.

  • John Kerns

    Let’s see how good of a bully Brock really is now that someone made HIM bleed.

  • Sly Boots

    Stitches… Staples… Same thing. Right Ryan? I agree these aren’t graphic. You might as well have said *Graphic* WWE Doctors Wore Surgical Gloves.

    What we don’t see is Brock F5d every member of the medical staff after they were done. Then he snapped the janitor’s arm. Breaking News!

  • dan

    Did anyone else see him directly bleed when he went head first into the ring post how on earth did he get cut from the back?

    • Sly Boots

      Brock is so intimidating that even his cut didn’t want to be within his field of vision so it migrated?

  • Sly Boots

    Quick predictions for Mania bc I feel like making fun of how bad it is bound to be. Starting with the bigger bouts:

    Lesnar jobs to HHH bc calling Brock “The Beast” and then having him lose to Cena and then to HHH for a 1-2 record makes TOTAL sense.

    Swagger beats Del Rio and promptly turns the WHC belt into a bong

    Cena beats Rock bc they were stupid to give a part timer the belt in the first place. Raw ratings somehow plummet into what equates to negative 4 million people watching the Raw after Mania as a result of Cenafest 2013

    Punk loses to Taker bc GONNNNNNNG

    Mark Henry beats who cares and informs us this is what he does

    The Shield has a match against Ryback, Sheamus and Orton. No one wins bc no one cares. Ryback eats the first 3 rows of fans.

    PPV mysteriously goes dark for the exact duration of the Diva’s Championship (thanks Vince) both at home and in the arena

    There. I saved us all $79.

  • Deathwish

    NO WAY THIS CUT IS LEGIT. It’s on the back of his head replayed it a dozen times. HHH cut him then LESNAR handed the blade to Vince watch it again!!!!

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