Lana & Sasha Banks Involved In A Twitter ‘War’

Lana and Sasha Banks found themselves in a Twitter feud of sorts on Thursday over comments that Lana made after being criticized for liking Tweets made by Melina. Basically, Melina tweeted in reference to Banks’ loss to Alicia Fox, saying that she is being drawn in by the story of the match. When fans took the likes as a criticism of Sasha Banks for some reason, Lana responded and said she thought “Sasha is a game changer wrestler.”

Sasha then replied, in an apparent response to Lana:

Since then, Sasha, Summer Rae and others have been using a hashtag of #BL2017, which fans are assuming to mean “Block Lana 2017” due to after Lana tweeted on how she would block any “haters”:

So yeah. That happened yesterday.

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