Mahal Comments On Vince Rewriting His Promos

Chris Jericho recently interviewed WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal for the Talk Is Jericho. During the interview, he discussed Vince McMahon rewriting one of his promos and his current relationship with him. Below are some highlights.

Jinder Mahal on Vince McMahon rewriting his promo after winning the number one contender match on Smackdown: “He had rewritten my promo. The original promo was something totally different, so when I finished calling the match, one of the writers was like, ‘hey, Vince changed your promo.’ I was like, ‘okay, bring it to me. Please bring it to me.’ So they [brought] it to me and I had read the American comment and I was like, ‘ah, I like the old promo better.’ Like, it was like something like, ‘I tried being peaceful, but nobody was listening. But now I have all you guys’, everyone’s, attention. I beat five of SmackDown’s very best and I did it all alone.’ Something like that. It was just like a regular heel promo, but the new one was like, ‘you Americans this and that.’ And I was like, ‘argh, man, I don’t think we should go [there]. Like, but I’m like, ‘but whatever. Vince wrote it. It’s okay.’ But I did it and the reaction I got, I was like, ‘oh man, Vince is a genius!’ He knows exactly what’s going to draw the most heat.”

Mahal on becoming closer with Vince McMahon: “I’ve become closer with Vince. It was weird, during my first run, and even when I was on 3MB, I would kind of like avoid Vince. Not avoid him, but he’s intimidating. Now, I have like a good relationship with him. … It’s weird. He’s like an evil genius. Is there anyone who has watched more [pro] wrestling than Vince McMahon?” Mahal added, “Vince knows what he’s doing.”

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