Major Update – Long-Term WWE & SSlam Plans

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We can confirm that WWE has a long-term plan right now to work towards a Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. These plans could change depending on what happens with Bryan and the title heading into the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view at the end of this month.

With Bryan-Lesnar planned for SummerSlam, this would mean that the inevitable showdown between “Paul Heyman Guys” Lesnar and Cesaro, when the latter makes his eventual baby face turn, wouldn’t be taking place until after SummerSlam.

It should be noted though that one idea that was discussed in recent weeks was that Lesnar would win the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam and then Cesaro would come down and cash in to win the title. Of course, SummerSlam is still several months away and we don’t know who will have the briefcase at that time. As we’ve been reporting, Cesaro is heavily favored to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. With that being said and depending on Daniel Bryan’s status, there is a chance nobody will have a briefcase this year.

As you can see, the Daniel Bryan surgery has messed things up big time for WWE.

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  1. some guy says:

    But there is a hole in your created plan, Lesnar signed on to appear a certain amount of days a year. That means an injury angle to keep Brock as the champ off of TV until his next appearance. More ppvs with no world title match. Depending on who is in the MITB match, Cesaro will be IC champ before World champ.

  2. El Caliente says:

    WWE has just gone full retarded, Kane has been a long time favorite but there’s no way he would have been a serious threat to the title in the fans eyes. Brock Lesnar winning the championship just so WWE could have their Heyman vs Heyman match is another idiocy. Give DB: Rusev, Big Show, Cesaro, Wyatt, HHH, Seth Rollins, and the possibilities are endless Daniel Bryan should be booked to be the underdog that has clean victories but can also be beat by someone twice his size give him a nice build so he could face Cena at WM

    • Philip Vanderheyden IV says:

      Why wouldn’t Lesnar be a credible opponent? He defeated Undertaker at WM, Punk at SummerSlam, and HHH in two out of three matches. Listing Show before Lesnar is full on retarded. Lesnar vs. DB is a very interesting matchup that I would enjoy, as well as Lesnar vs. Cesaro. WWE doesn’t always make sense but they have made Lesnar look pretty legit. Speak for yourself…

      • Shane Mead says:

        Former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

      • Andrew "The Raven" Outlaw says:

        Remember that Brock wasn’t supposed to beat Taker. Old man McMahon made the decision to end it before the show

        • o.O says:

          To your point if Brock loses to DB it makes Taker look even worse than he already did at WM. And he looked bad @ mania. I love Taker and all but the dude looked like he shouldn’t have been medically cleared for mania. I haven’t seen him move that slow in… ever. Yeah the guy is old and all but that’s not what I mean. He just looked bad.

          As far as Cesaro goes, I don’t think he’s ready. Claudio is awesome but not champ material.. Yet. I think it’s kind of odd they keep having Heyman tout Cesaro’s strength (which is insane. Dude is a freak) but they keep having him lose.

    • o.O says:

      because that’s what we all want. More John Cena as champ. If there’s one thing that isn’t stale as all hell it’s Cena as champ. Idc that he hasn’t been champ in idk how long (which I pride myself on. I don’t need Cena title reign info floating around in my skull. It causes tumors).

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