Natalya: ‘I Look Up To Stephanie McMahon” + More

— As noted late last night here on the website, John Cena granted another wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by meeting the eleven-year-old Luis and his family on Monday before RAW in Memphis. You can see photos here.

— During a recent interview with, Natalya recently shared her thoughts on Stephanie McMahon. Here are the highlights…

“I really look up to Stephanie McMahon. She is a role model. We went to a school with underprivileged children and she spent four hours talking to all the kids. She is honestly one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. With her background and status, she has a lot of influence and power but she proves that you can never allow fame, money or your position in life to get the best of you. She is a great example of what being a strong and empowered woman looks like. She has a husband, family and does a great job balancing it all.”

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  1. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    And if she said anything else, she’d be fired.


  2. Necro Botcher says:

    I respect Stephanie, too.

    As much as WWE does with reading initiatives, the military, and charities — I’m convinced the only reason someone hates them is because of A.) jealousy or B.) they hate success.

    The McMahon family are respectable, upright people who have certainly had their dirty laundry, but they always bounce back and do right to fix their mistakes. And for that I commend them.

    Botcher, out.

  3. Feed Back says:

    That’s funny because both Triple H and Tyson Kidd wouldn’t have ever gone anywhere hadn’t they married into top wrestling families like they did.

  4. Creature_of_the_Night says:


    Good thing she sucks up to Stephanie like that.

    She gets to do a lot of cool things.

    Like job to April Jeanette.


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