Paige On Why She Doesn’t Wear Wrestling Boots, SD

— With WWE SmackDown being taped at the AmericanBank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas tonight, there will be a one-hour delay for **SPOILERS** for those of you on the east coast. This is due to the central time zone. We’ll have complete **SPOILERS** later tonight.

— Speaking to WWE Magazine, WWE Diva Paige revealed why she doesn’t wrestle in traditional wrestling boots. Instead, she competes in “Dr. Marterns”, a brand of British footwear. Regarding this, Paige said:

“I’m used to it. You have to break them in so I had to wear them on the streets. They’re very good, very British. I’m sticking to my guns. I’m really happy they’re back in fashion again because I love them and I own a pair, so I might as well put these babies on.”

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  1. gerbert the says:

    Besides during the grunge days in the mid 90’s or with mall-punk kids when were Doc Martins ever really in or out of style? They are just painful boots some people wear who like them, mostly to brag that they spent a lot on Doc Martins and in the same breath complain about how much they hurt.

  2. Marvin Gamez says:

    I like her face 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    That’s what people are focusing on when they see Paige!? Her boots!?

  4. Asshole says:

    I have a foot fetish

  5. Ryan Stephens says:

    Ive personally never noticed paiges boots. Her boobs yeah but not her boots

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