Paul Heyman On The Possibility Of CM Punk In MMA

During his appearance on The MMA Hour, Paul Heyman spoke about the possibility that CM Punk could eventually move into the world of MMA. Here is what he had to say…

“Punk has always had the opinion that at its core, when the cage door gets locked it’s two really capable people punching each other in the face until one drops. Sometimes the skill level is overrated, and the ability to just fight comes into play. He’s educated in MMA. He’ a very serious student of the disciplines and he’s become far more entrenched. He’s a fighter at heart. One of the things that makes it so interesting is he came into the wrestling world as a fighter who ended up performing, not a performer making a transition into the fighting world.”

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  1. Block Resnar says:

    I would dearly love to watch that no-physique chump get wrecked in the Octagon.

  2. JIM Pim says:

    CM Punk would get killed.

  3. Philip Vanderheyden IV says:

    Do people forget that their are weight classes? He would need a LOT of training to get ready, don’t get me wrong. But pretending he would be at some huge disadvantage is also wrong. Anyone who puts the time in can succeed in MMA, thats the beauty of it

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