PHOTO: Dean Ambrose Suffers Injury On RAW

You may have noticed on RAW that Dean Ambrose suffered a nasty cut under his chin during the main event. The websites notes that Ambrose needed nine stitches following RAW. Check out this photo of the injury:

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  1. The Realist says:

    That is not an injury, just sayin…..

    • shanomac33 says:

      Just bc it’s not a major injury doesn’t mean it’s not an injury.

      • The Realist says:

        Actually it does, that is what my kids call a “boo boo”

        • shanomac33 says:




          an instance of being injured.

          “she suffered an injury to her back”

          synonyms:wound, bruise, cut, gash, laceration,scratch, graze, abrasion, contusion,lesion; 

          I really hope you’re not home schooling your kid

          • Joe says:

            Your last line was brilliant

          • The Realist says:

            Ive had an injury, took me 5 months to recuperate. That is not an injury. Nice to see you use google in ur spare time.

          • shanomac33 says:

            God you’re dumb. As I said in my first comment just bc it’s not a major injury doesn’t mean it’s not an injury. I posted the exact definition of the word and you still don’t know the meaning. People like you are why I want to take the Warning labels off of everything so we can let you all weed yourselves out. This is a cut or gash or laceration however you want to call it,it’s still an injury. Now for the love of God get off the Internet and pick up a dictionary Bc people like you are why everyone thinks wrestling fans are stupid.

          • The Realist says:

            You think a definition on google or in websters dictionary explains a cut on his chin as a legit injury? Seriously?! Who is clearly the dumbass, it obviously aint me.

          • shanomac33 says:

            So bc you call yourself the realist you assume you can just change the definition of words and we should all just follow. Clearly you are a dumbass that buys into his own bullshit.

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