PHOTO: Hornswoggle’s NEW Completely Bald Look!

Hornswoggle has posted the following photo on Twitter, revealing that he’s now completely bald after his hair vs mask match with El Torito at WWE Payback:


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  • Ryan Stephens

    Hornswogglw a y’all’s plays off the bald look well

    • Ryan Stephens

      Damn auto correct. Plays not y’all’s

      • GutHater333

        There is an edit button.

  • Ryan Stephens

    Horns wiggle actually plays off the bald look well.

    • Ryan Stephens

      Autocorrect is going to be the death of me

  • Justin J. Mascari

    Big Show’s new side kick, MINI SHOW!!

  • Joe

    Ugly with hair and ugly without.

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