PHOTO: John Cena & *NEW* Real Life Girlfriend!


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  • star1

    That’s not AJ :(

    • 10braves

      Aj is dating jay Lethal

      • SupermaN

        what!?!? are you saying this storyline is bs? :O

        • wrestlingfan29

          you do realize that all of WWE and TNA is scripted, most of it is bs especially the romances :p

  • ,,

    Cena is the luckiest son of a bitch to be banging such a woman.. like seriously, that woman is beyond hot.

  • Dan

    Which Bella do you guys think has a better tasting asshole?

  • Goat Face

    Daniel Bryan is dating the other Bella.

  • tittyman69

    so who got the twin with the new big titties? cena or db?

  • Denise Dunn

    like john cean so sexy to me your big fan denise dunn

    • Denise Dunn

      like john cean very nice guy to me help sick chil make wish I hope see him on one day he have hot body to me we need talk one day well go now see soon your big fan denise dunn I love with you

      • dave

        you sound like an idiot!

  • Dom Falk

    It’s great that those two are dating they are a great couple they are might to be together forever we should be happy for them

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