PHOTO: The First Poster For WrestleMania 31

Levi’s Stadium now has a page up for Wrestlemania 31, which includes a promotional poster. It features The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Batista. The event happens on March 29, 2015.

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  1. Edge3050 says:

    Wonderful, they plan to sell the PPV with 2 hollywood rejects and a freakshow on the poster.

    • ∆•JDK•✞ says:

      Who’s the other Hollywood reject along with Batista? It can’t be Rock cause he’s far from a “Hollywood reject”.

  2. disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

    So whats the Match?? a triple Threat for the Title Rock vs Brock vs Bautista???
    Brock is holding belt going in, and Bautista wins coming out for a solid run since G of Galaxy would be through and he’d be back full time for awhile.
    Or have Rock win.. And show up every other month in the town hes filming then vacate the belt randomly while he goes back to hollywood full time.

    I take Bautista Win, if this happens.

  3. Bo-leave says:

    So 3 guys who won’t be there on Raw the next night? Cause trying to push the permanent roster would be a bad business move…

  4. Wear42 says:

    i hope this is fake.

  5. Jefe says:

    obviously fake. just a promotional poster made by the venue to drum up potential ticket sales. highly doubt wwe would replace wrestlemania number with a play button and the likely hood that those three being on the poster are slim to none. brock maybe because you never know when brock will return. batists no because nobodys gonna watch if they know hes heavily featured. and the rock i doubt it because if he didnt return to wrestle at 30, which is a milestone and not just another number, its unlikely hell return to wrestle at 31

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