PHOTO: The New WWE Championship Belt!

As previously reported, WWE recently made an order for all new championship belts with multiple versions of each (for TV, live events, photo shoots and more). There have also been rumors that the World Heavyweight Title is being phased out. WWE unified the World title with the WWE title in December.

A photo of the new WWE title has appeared online and it appears to be the same belt with a different logo. You can see the photo of Triple H holding the belt below:

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  1. Jonathan Baylor says:

    Looks the same to me.

  2. Shawn Harrington says:

    Actually side plates r different and logo is new so it’s not the same. It’s similar but not exactly the same.

    • Uncle Nathaniel says:

      He says with a different logo, read before posting stupid comments thinking you’re better than everybody else.

      • BarbaraMMcCollum says:

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  3. BrianMyers says:

    Almost looks as though the side plates are a tribute to the WHC belt…which would actually be kinda cool, literally combining the two belts…

  4. Victor Kwon says:

    They design a new belt just to make it look nearly identical to the current WWE title?
    But is it just me, or does this photo look a little suspect? Can we get confirmation on this? the belt just looks like it was cheaply photoshopped in.

    • Chiryder says:

      it’s been confirmed for weeks. All they did was change the logo.
      As they’re starting to phase the new logo into everything else.

  5. o.O says:

    And we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of all of these layoffs. Vince needed new belt money.

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