PHOTO: The NEW WWE Title Belt!


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  • LG Hunter069

    This wwe title looks so plain but it’s still better than that spinner piece of crap

  • Vince McMahon

    WOW Really Cool Title!! Best one!!

    • Umm… What?

      Lol shut up Vince. Get back on your rascal scooter and go get some Geritol 9000. Go prepare for your “fight” against Heyman that totally isn’t an obvious setup for the Brock v HHH sequel: The Muppets Take Manhatten

  • sd1201

    I didnt think the WWE could get any worse than it is with title belts… After nearly 30 years I’m embarrassed to say I watch WWE. They brought back the classic Intercontinental belt to restore credibility… Then they turned the WWE and TAG TEAM belts into jokes!… Cant wait for Ziggler (as much as I hate him) to unify the belts… throw the wwe title in the bin and keep the world title belt – at least it looks like a championship belt

    • Umm… What?

      Thank you. How is it possible that it could be worse than the bling belt? Someone fish out the belt Stone Cold threw in the Hudson. Use that. Even with all of the trash and grime that it is most likely covered in it’s better than the new one.

      The new Punk/Rock storyline needs to be Punk looking at it and saying “You know what? I’m good. You can have that Rock. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

      Oh and don’t worry Cena will find a way to make it spin. He’s the doctor of thugonomics. He had to grow up on the mean streets of a Boston upper-middle class neighborhood. If that isn’t hardcore gangster Idk what is.

      • Jeremy Gordon

        It looks like a cheap toy, the “Spinner” looked expensive and not like a toy. No one would whine about the “Spinner” if John Cena wasn’t the one who introduced it.

  • Tiana Saunders

    the belt looks better than the other ones, second best looking belt behind the intercontinental title

  • Nas

    It has that old feel and futuristic look. I honestly like it but i wish the eagle was in there or just bring back the 98 title. Either way its better than cenas!! Im glad the last time we will ever see the spinner was when punk hit the creator of it lol.

  • Mario Acosta Jr.

    Idk I kinda like it. I think it just need time to get use to that’s sll.

  • Mario Acosta Jr.

    But I do miss the winged eagle.

  • we’ve cena nuff

    Really? Thats what they came up with? When the pics were leaked I thought it was a side plate or if not because it was leaked they would change it. Just wow this is down there with the last title as the worst 2 championships in WWE history. Really disappointed.

    • Umm… What?

      No it’s fashioned out of a 1972 Beetle hubcap. It’s just terrible. What’s with Rock’s brahma bull logo on it? Is each wrestler going to have their own little logo to put on it?

      • Chiryder

        There’s no name plate there. So I would think so. Plus, look at the third picture it has the WWE logo.

  • raven

    You people hated the spinner belt just because you hate john Cena

    • Jeremy Gordon

      Which is quite true since this happens to be much uglier.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    The Spinner is better than this ugly piece of shit,

  • om ok

    I actually really like the center piece, but the bulls on the side? No thank you, it’s ugly as heel, and super gimmicky, for 90% chance that Cena is winning the title again (unless they plan Punk Rock 3 at WM) and it would look terrible with the bulls on the side.

    • Guest

      It’s safe to assume that that’s for The Rock since his name isn’t on the name plate anymore. If you look at the third picture it just has the WWE logo on the sides.

  • wtf wwe?

    no creativity, looks like shit…bring back either the winged belt, attitude era belt or undisputed title at least those belts had character and looked awesome.

  • Phil

    I actually really like this new belt; the simpler, the better. I’m just glad that old hubcap is gone.

  • Brad Maddox

    Wahhh its ugly, wahhhh i miss the eagle wahh we want the spinner.

    Go Back to the 90′s Fa*otts!

  • Danny

    It is the most ugliest belt ever the WWE logo is way to big. There’s no places for the name plate its the champions belt not the wwe belt. Its over size its soo plane I agree that the spinner needed to be retired but not that ugly monster if wwe decide to keep that monster they should be laugh at.

  • itfactor_chump

    If they can go retro with the ic belt, they shouldve did retro for the wwe belt. Hottest piece of garbage ive ever seen,damn near blinded me.

  • PJ

    Hey, at least this belt has “Champion” written on it and not “Champ” right?

  • LG Hunter069

    if only the rock brought back the old title

  • Borislav

    Meh! Would much rather have them bring back the old “Undisputed” belt. But i guess anything other than the outdated spinner belt is an upgrade!

  • Daryl Lariviere

    It looks like a Championship Ring that has been made into a Belt Form. Does NOBODY else see that?

  • sd1201

    we all know the rock is leaving after wrestlemania so the guarantees that whoever he faces will win the title. I hated the “bling” belt but i hate this new piece of crap even more. The IC title now has more credibility that WWE’s showpiece

  • LegendKiller

    it looks like one of rock’s old belt buckles… lol…

    not in the same class as the world title belt… but it stands out and i guess thats what they were going for…

  • SupermaN

    At least its not as bad as jeff hardys shit belt. stupid tna

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