PHOTO: WWE Diva Eva Marie Trolls Us All! (Update)

UPDATE: Welp, Eva Marie “trolled us” as she posted this tweet Friday night revealing she’s not really a blonde. She’s still got the red hair. We admit it …. we got trolled! Damn, the worst Diva on the roster trolled us …. OUCH … that one stings guys!

ORIGINAL: WWE’s Eva Marie posted the following on her Twitter and Instagram Friday night…

Looks like I need a new hash tag now #AllBlondeEverything

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  1. Rosebud says:

    Evas still better then EVERY woman in tna.

  2. Colonel Duke LaCrosse says:

    I may be in the minority, but I like Eva.

  3. jtgsclik says:

    It’s not hard to fool you idiots lets be real here.

  4. Nomad says:

    That one stings? Is there a contract status update on this Photoshop? Are they still hammering out the legal details of her instagram? We must know!

  5. Gerbert the says:

    Eva is one hell of an ugly “woman”. She doesn’t even look like a human to me.

  6. Your Lord and Master says:

    Not hard to troll Ryan Clark since he is a moron!

  7. Nomad says:

    By the way, does the “all red everything” imply that she dyes her pubic hair too?

  8. Heather says:

    Those don’t look like boobs on her chest, more like fleshy balloons. That picture doesn’t do anything for her.

  9. Captain Obvious says:

    It took me 20 minutes to notice she even had hair. Look at those boobies!

  10. Apacaveli says:

    all i was staring at was eva’s and nikki’s big was like tittie mania for me lolz hahaha.

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