PHOTOS: Bray Waytt Debuts A New Mask!


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    Looks like a Protector mask for an Injury of some sort.

  • BeastieRunner

    He stole Cody’s mask!

  • some guy

    Looks like he found something from Undertaker’s wardrobe

    • Akemi

      hahah I still remember him wearing that mask in 1994 after an attack buy King Mabel and Yokozuna good to see an old school fan who knows his stuff.

  • Vince McMahon

    Cant Wait for Bray to Debut!!!
    This guy is gonna be AWESOME

    • Mike

      Did you not red the headline

      (Bray Waytt Debuts A New Mask)

      Meaning he obviously has already debuted

      • Mike


      • ViciousVR

        He means when he debuts as part of the main roster, you butt nugget.

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