PHOTOS: MUST-SEE Christina Milian Bikini Pix!

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  1. f2 says:

    She is hawt.

  2. Wes says:

    Not wrestling related.

    • Ryan Clark says:

      Our galleries are and always have been a mix of pro wrestling and other galleries. Nobody forced you to click the link. Not a fan of hot women pics that don’t deal with pro wrestling? Skip the post. Problem solved. Simple concept.

  3. Chiryder says:

    Where’s the nip slip?

  4. sexy says:

    oh wow shes pretty…….PRETTY FAKE….why do niggers always have to wear fake ass greasy hair? and is it just me or does it look like she has stretch marks on here back?

  5. Sheboons RDisgusting says:


  6. Nate_Higgers187 says:

    How women? Where? All I am seeing is some subhuman n1gger. Am I missing something here?

    • Guest says:

      Yea, you are missing a brain. Why would you click on a link of something you apparently hate? What a fucking idiot you are. I bet she looks much better than your sister/wife.

  7. BootlipsJohnson says:

    Where’s the must see pictures? All I see is a sheboon. Yuck!

  8. Nate_Higgers187 says:

    N1ggers are so disgusting lol

  9. Thor Bonham says:

    Disgusting sheboon .. There is NOTHING hot about monkeys ..

    • Lol you’re a monkey walking on your hind legs you fucking moron. But then again I guess a redneck inbred dipshit like you is too stupid to understand evolution and probably believe in an imaginary fairy floating in the sky huh? Lol

  10. RJP says:

    You guys are all fucking pathetic with your racist bullshit. I’m white and find her attractive who cares about her hair. They have different hair. You people need help all this nigger stuff grow up.

  11. Longest-Reign says:

    Wow How can racist people be allowed on here. Now I’m going to talk shit about white people. Christina Millian is hotter than alot of these white jar of mayo lookin bitches, who wish they had the booty and lips of black woman. Hence why alot of white women get their lips thickened. Pecker wood bird lookin bitches are good for one thing fucking. And then showing them the door. We all know blacks age way better than fucking whites. Some of you fuckers look like shit at 29 and 30. Fucking sad pecker woods.

  12. Yall should know better than to let these pussy ass racist trolls get to you. Everyone here knows they are just pussies who run their mouth only cuz they are hiding anonymously behind a computer screen. These are the same punk bitches that got their lunch taken in school and don’t have the balls to say shit in person. They wouldn’t know good pussy if it hit them in the face cuz they’ve never had any. Their idea of a hot piece of ass is Honey BooBoo or little 12 yr old boys. No need to let them get a rise out of you, they have already lost in life. Lol

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