PHOTOS: Roman Reigns Gets New Tattoos!


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  • Sdot

    U gotta b kidding me right?


    Hope he never needs shoulder surgery

    • teryuyi

      but you need penis enlargement. jealous because the big black ones are like anacodas compared to your micro honkey tonk slug


        That doesn’t even make scene, what does that have to do with f’ing up your high price ink if you f up your shoulder and need it opened up ?

  • Nick P.

    These look like the traditional Samoan tattoo’s that guys like Rock, Umaga and some football players get.

    • Joe

      he IS samoan

      • some guy

        Lol plus he is related to the Rock, Umaga, some of the Samoan football players

  • FlameKid676

    Uhh this is old news, Reigns has had the new tat for weeks noW.

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