PHOTOS: WWE’s ‘Wellness Policy’ Doctor!


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  • Dan
  • Skip Sheffield

    This is so phony… that Doctor is paid to look like that Program is nothing but a joke.

    We all know that Ryback is on all types of drugs.. We all know Sheamus and Cena are on steroids…

    • some guy

      Ryback & Cena had big muscles before joining WWE

      • wpm131

        Uhh no shit, guys usually get all roided and jacked up before they get there because vince probably wouldn’t want a skinny cena or ryback. And if that’s all natural muscle I’d be surprised.

    • Timothy Sexton

      Better have some proof before you let your mouth overload your ass.

      • SS

        There is no proof idiot, because that’s why the doctor is there… If the wellness program was done by a 3rd party you would see.

        The doctor’s job is to hide the proof.. but if you knew a thing about Fitness, which I know you don’t, you would know that John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus present all characteristics of an steroid users… and Ryback is probably on more illegal things.

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