Plans For New WWE 2K15 Video Game Revealed

Take-Two officially confirmed today via their third-quarter earnings report that a WWE 2K15 video game will be released during the company’s 2015 fiscal year.

The Cinema Blend website notes the following regarding the game:

“WWE 2K15 will be the second WWE game released by Take-Two. The company purchased the rights from THQ in early 2013. They retained long-time series developer Yukes to handle WWE 2K14. While sales figures weren’t provided for 2K14, the game was apparently successful enough for Take-Two to justify continuing the franchise.

Unlike NBA 2K14, WWE 2K14 was only released on current-gen consoles. It seems likely that the 2K15 will be available on Xbox One and PS4 as well, though.”

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  1. Robert says:

    Hopefully there’s a whole new game engine. The Yukes-developed game has been stale for years

  2. DragonDoctor says:

    I know people want a new game engine (I am one of them) but the thing is a game engine can take years to make so it’s possible that Yukes will still make WWE games until 2K either makes a new game engine themselves or have a company make one.

  3. BigValbowski says:

    If they were making a new engine it’s possible they started developing it even before 2k14 officially came out. As long as they get ridof glitches and the super fast striking, it will be an improvement. Wonder what the gimmick will be? I hope it gives some NXT a spotlight,along more of a focus to modern era rather than play into the past too much, and add like 10 NXT stars. Dallas, Neville, Zayn, Rusev, English, Breeze and maybe the Ascension.

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