Reaction To Emma’s Arrest + Network Turmoil?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— According to a source, there are people within WWE who work on the Network side of things who have “no idea at all what’s going on as far as the Network goes.”

— According to sources, most of the WWE roster believes that Emma’s arrest for stealing at a Waltmart last Monday was an honest mistake. Following the arrest, there was some speculation that her work visa could be in jeopardy but the Hartford Police department later confirmed that wasn’t the case.

— WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was featured on tonight’s edition of “Inside Edition” on ABC. During the show, Austin gave host Megan Alexander a tour of his “Broken Skull Ranch” and also had her take part in a few workouts.

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  1. El Caliente says:

    They really should just end the Network I get more content off Netflx for just 7.99 WWE had the Legends House going for them and NXT was hot a for minute but if they can’t produce content then I won’t be throwing my money at them when I could easily get their PPV’s through live streams or Torrent sites.

  2. DragonDoctor says:

    As I said before I think WWE needs to make shows that not only appeals to fans but also the casual viewers (the ones hesitant about the network) . Due to the ongoing budget cuts they are doing they may not make new shows any time soon so they have to relay on the library they up scaled so far. Perhaps once they start making money they should make new shows that feature the talent we rarely see on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars (can’t say anything about Main Event since it’s not broadcast here in the UK) like for example a tag team show, a divas show (wrestling one obviously) or a show that will make the US and IC titles more interesting like what the brand extension did.

    Mind you I believe they should also have a legal stream and/or download service of some kind that not only features past episodes of their shows (both edited for their PG audience and uncut for the fans who want those) but also their DVD/ Blu-ray releases that are no longer in production. I for one would want to download many past episodes of raw and smackdown mostly due to the fact that despite my best efforts to keep the vhs tapes in good condition some of the tapes of raw and smackdown episodes I recorded (from December 2000 all the way up to now) are sadly either no longer playable or the quality is going.

    • 519 says:

      I thought every Raw/Smackdown ever produced was on the network (i.e. 2000’s till now)???? and everyone sounds bent out of shape about the network but lets all remember its only been released in the U.S., wait til it gets to Canada and Europe..its a wrap..

      • Justin J. Mascari says:

        It’s been around for less than a year and the video library is huge. It will take time to upload everything they have. The US happens to be the test market. There still going to be some bugs and issues that they want to get worked out before it’s released elsewhere. It’s gotten better since it’s initial launch day and we know that was bad!

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