Report: Daniel Bryan’s Recovery Not Going Well

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to one source — following neck surgery — the strength in Daniel Bryan’s right arm is not only not making gains during his current recovery process, but is actually getting weaker. As a result, WWE has become concerned with how well Bryan is coming along in his rehabilitation.

Apparently the situation surrounding Bryan and the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was the talk of the town backstage at RAW on Monday night in Indianapolis. He was sent back to Pittsburgh to see Dr. Joseph Maroon, who performed his neck procedure, to see why he wasn’t coming along as well as originally expected.

Because of the uncertainty regarding Bryan’s physical status heading into the Money In The Bank pay-per-view on June 29th, WWE made the decision to announce that either he will compete against Kane for the title in a “Stretcher Match,” or the actual Money In The Bank ladder match itself would be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The reason WWE went with this idea is because of the feeling that they shouldn’t have a pay-per-view without the title on the line. As far as last Sunday’s WWE Payback PPV is concerned, the feeling is that the title was on the line due to the angle that was built up around it heading into the show.

While at this point nothing is definite, the feeling is that if push comes to shove, Bryan will wrestle on the 6/29 PPV, even if he isn’t as physically ready as he would like to be.

It should be noted, by the way, that WWE is also contemplating adding a second Money In The Bank ladder match, if the primary one becomes a match where the vacant title is at stake, where the winner would be the person who captures the briefcase, guaranteeing them a future title shot.

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  1. Gerbert the says:

    I bet if friggin Kane wouldn’t have attacked him like he did Daniel would be doing much better. How is Kane getting away with this? I haven’t even heard talk of a fine or anything. He knowingly attacked a man who was injured, and not just anyone but the WORLD CHAMP! and Vince is ok with Kane possibly ruining the career of someone who is quite possibly the next big thing? Wow.

  2. Nomad says:

    They could still have two MITB matches. One for former champions, one for anyone who hasn’t been one for the briefcase.

    • Joe says:

      They did it last year, didn’t they? Still, 2 matches is better than one…

      • Nomad says:

        Well, I think the fun of the match is the guy having the briefcase. Plus, then you have an out if the champ gets injured. The whole Bryan incident could be over now.

  3. DragonDoctor says:

    It’s a shame his recovery is not going as expected. Different people have different reactions, side effects and rates of recovery from surgeries especially the ones to do with necks. I hope he eventually recovers and return only if he fully recovers, I think his fans (or at least the majority of his fans) would rather have him return fully recovered then have him return still in pain, actually fans of anyone who gets seriously injured and has surgery should wait til they are better.

  4. Dethcawk says:

    You retarts Daniel Bryan wasn’t hurt when Kane attacked him. He was already hurt, so WWE probably went with that angle of Kane “hurting” to set up match down the road. Similar to what went with Brock and Vince, When Brock F5’d Vince because Vince needed hip surgery already. Think about it!

  5. Dethcawk says:

    Him* On*

  6. disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

    Hey, I know all DB Troll lovers want him to remain champ even through injury issues. But You cant DO IT!!! You have to have a WWE Champion that is available every show for matches and promos, ambushes etc. As much as I hate CENA and his Fake A$$, DB troll could take a lesson from his best friend.. If it is this bad do like CENA does, and tell the fans the truth… And that you will be out 2-3 months and thats whats best for business.

  7. nivk says:

    It’s a shame, but I don’t want him to compete if he can’t. The worst thing he can do is further hurt himself. Sure it sucks for him to lose the title this quickly, but why end his career for it? Triple H obviously likes him, or he wouldn’t have put him over at WrestleMania to then go on and win the title against Batista and Orton.

    Dude needs to rest up and recover fully. He can return and get a shot when he comes back. It’ll make for a good story line in the same way the HBK/Razor Ramon feud went.

  8. Nas says:

    Get well soon Daniel Bryan!

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