Report – Major Issues Between Rey Mysterio & WWE

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Last week it was reported that Vince McMahon renewed Rey Mysterio’s WWE deal for one year. According to that story, Rey’s contract was set to expire, but WWE contracts may be frozen in the event of an injury. Since Mysterio has missed so much time during the course of his deal due to injuries, word was that WWE felt that Mysterio “owed them time” and he was renewed through May of 2015.

According to sources, there is more to the situation than what it already out. While there are not a lot of details at this time, there is a potential legal issue that has not played out. Mysterio was looking at leaving with the expiration of his contract, but then McMahon renewed the deal. WWE has Mysterio on the injured list, and there has been no talk about his potential return.

More on the story as it develops…

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  1. The DOLPHin says:

    Geez just let the guy go. I’m tired of him randomly coming back for
    Like 3 weeks and getting hurt again. He can’t do near as much as he could before because of injuries. I’d rather not watch him nearly kill himself trying to wrestle lol

  2. The DOLPHin says:

    I would also prefer not to watch him put his body through any more just because he “owes the wwe time”

  3. Colonel Duke LaCrosse says:

    Let me see if I’m understanding this…Vince McMahon doesn’t feel he got his moneys worth out of Rey during the duration of his last contract, so instead of cutting him loose, they plan on paying him while he is sitting at home injured for another year? That makes as much sense as everything else in WWE at the moment.

    • jive says:

      More likely they aren’t paying him which is why rey would be more pissed off. And maybe keeping rey on works for wwe as it keeps rey from going to tna, global force, cmll, aaa, and Japan. Im surprised WWE doesn’t try using him for a wwe film. Unless there’s already a rey mysterio movie in Mexico. Also rey still sells merch which makes wwe money.

      • Colonel Duke LaCrosse says:

        “Im surprised WWE doesn’t try using him for a wwe film.” Unless WWE Films starts making a movie about a masked superhero who tears his ACL anytime he sneezes, I don’t see WWE trying to put him in a movie.

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