Report: Massive WWE Cuts Expected This Week

According to sources, it is rumored that up to as many as 30 WWE office employees could be released by the end of the week. The cuts are expected to take place after this week’s TV tapings when everyone heads back to Titan Tower in Connecticut. This would be done as the next wave of budget cuts for the company. The source notes that the executive wing is expected to be the focus of these WWE employee cuts. The company has previously released several talents, also made cuts to air and ground travel, and cut things like the RAW post game show.

One source says that the company has needed to trim the fat for a while now, and that this will be less painful to upper management than it may seem. Again, at this time, take this report as a rumor. But it does fall in line with earlier reports that WWE was reportedly to cut upwards of $20 million from their budget.

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  1. NegativeFeedback says:

    What they need to cut is Triple H’s salary. He’s paid over 1 million as a talent just for showing up on TV and taking the spotlight.

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