‘Sunny’ Cancels Another Appearance – Details

Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was scheduled to appear at the Cauliflower Alley Club this week but is not attending. She was set to host a seminar for months but is not returning any phone calls. Brian Blair of the Killer Bees is the current President of the club after Nick Bockwinkle stepped down due to health issues at the age of 79.

After hearing some rumors regarding her current health and sobriety, I’ve tried numerous times in recent weeks to contact Tammy and my emails, phone calls and tweets have gone unanswered. This is not normal for her as I’ve known her for years now and she’s always replied in a fairly quick manner. We hope to have more on this shortly.

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  1. Mag says:

    She’s from my town (Carteret, NJ). She is well known in town for her problems with OxyContin, cocaine, weed, and notorious (when she was living here), to close down bars in town and stumble out with a random guy she met. One of the saddest stories I have ever heard was that she was in a shouting match with a cab driver in town bc upon getting in his cab, she vomited all over it and then tried to walk off. I think her pill addiction will one day lead to her demise, sad really.

    • Jim J. Pim says:

      She went to high school in my hometown. DDP could help her but you have to want to be helped. She has been in denial for so long I doubt anyone could get through to her. I expect to hear of her death sooner rather than later.

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