The Latest On The 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame Class

Scott Hall is reportedly expected to be named for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. Hall teased his induction yesterday on his Twitter account. Paul Bearer is also expected to be inducted posthumously.

According to a report, Mr. T has agreed to an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing. Cyndi Lauper has also continued to be discussed as a potential inductee for this year’s class. There is, however, no word on whether the company is still considering inducting the main event match of WrestleMania I.

Future WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts noted on his official Twitter account recently that he will soon be revealing the man who will be inducting him into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Roberts noted that it “should be obvious” who the inductor is, leading many to believe it will be Diamond Dallas Page.

Regarding the possibility of wrestling another match for WWE, Roberts said “never say never” but noted that nothing is planned as of right now.

There are still tickets on sale for the 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony set for April 5. The event will be broadcast live on the WWE Network.


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  • Necro Botcher

    Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper should certainly go in. Their contributions during Rock ‘n Wrestling speak for themselves.

    Some illiterate TNAbots (more common than you’d think) will cry “THEY AREN’T WRESTLERS WAHHHH” but let me assure you, friends, they are in fact, idiots.

    It clearly says in the second paragraph; “an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing.”

    Go back to school and and learn what words mean before you whine on the internet and make a fool of yourself.

    In any case, it’s fitting that they’d both be inducted on the 30th anniversary since they were so heavily involved in the inaugural event. Good call.

    • callmesomeone

      Speaking as someone who was at the first Wrestlemania I absolutely agree with you. That event doesn’t become an “event” without their participation…..although I will always remember looking at Liberace and wondering how the hell he got involved.

      • Necro Botcher

        Ah, so you are on the east coast. Nice.

        First Wrestlemania, that’s bragging rights brother.

        I would’ve gone but in 1985 I was in California and a flat broke student at USF. These experiences have turned me into the irreverent old bastard you are now talking to.

        Tell me how terrible Brutus Beefcake’s match was with Bruno’s meatball kid was live! Haha.

        As for Liberace, who freaking knows. I think I recall him saying something about his mom being a huge wrestling fan or some such but who can remember.

        You take it easy, and remember that TNA is where wrestling careers go to die.

        • steven perez

          I’m on the east coast as well from yonkers new york

          • Necro Botcher

            Home of Tommy Dreamer, nice.

          • steven perez

            Yes I knew tommy dreamer he was a security guard in walgreens before wrestling it was pretty cool I also see Paul heyman as well

          • callmesomeone

            I grew up in the Bronx….spent many a drunken night in Mount Vernon and Yonkers…ahh the great old days. Nowadays I’m stuck in hell..aka Las Vegas

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