‘The Roman Reigns Empire’ Plans?, Wyatt Tweets

— The WWE announce team has been told to start referencing “The Roman Empire” when Roman Reigns is in the ring cutting promos or working matches.

— WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt tweeted the following after this week’s WWE SmackDown broadcast:

“Turn on me? Simple fools, I am the tourniquet, and without me they all bleed……… #DownWithTheMachine”

— Here is another WWE SmackDown “Backstage Fallout” video featuring The Usos:

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  1. Joe says:

    Sounds more like a stable to me, with him as the leader.

  2. El Caliente says:

    People are going to end up booing him and wanting Daniel Bryan to headline WM and win the Rumble I really wish WWE would start paying more attention to the dirt sheets and changing their storylinea accordingly. A nice surprise heel turn and a 1year solo run would be great before setting himself up to be the face of the company. He’s not ready yet!

    • Victor Kwon says:

      I agree. he should go heel and have his character evolve more before trying to be the babyface of the company. He’s a full on singles competitor and yet he still dresses and enters like he’s still in the shield? it makes no sense.

  3. o.O says:

    Lol Roman Reigns Empire… Just… Lol. We can’t even make fun of it. It’s so retarded it makes fun of itself. Oh Creative, don’t ever change (actually please do, but don’t stop with these hilarious names).

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