The Very Latest Updates On The Paige Sex Tape

The Very Latest Updates On The Paige Sex Tape & Leaked Nude Photos

UPDATE x 3: One detail left out of yesterday’s story about Paige is that in addition to the various nude photos and the sex tape with Brad Maddox, there’s another video in which Maddox filmed Paige having sex with Xavier Woods. Since Xavier Woods is one-third of one of WWE’s hottest acts and merchandise movers, this has led to speculation that The New Day may be pulled from RAW until Wrestlemania.

Former WWE writer Brian Maxwell Mann commented on the situation on Twitter, noting that it’s absolutely possible that the New Day might be absent from Monday’s RAW. He wrote:

WWE has still not released a statement on the matter, even though both Paige and Woods are still employed with the company. While there has been speculation either one or both of them could be punished in some way, neither were responsible for the footage getting leaked. It remains to be seen what, if any, action is taken by the WWE. WWE is a publicly traded company and former CEO Linda McMahon is currently serving in the Trump administration, which could lead to WWE taking some action.

UPDATE x 2: Paige posted to her Twitter account to comment on the leaked pictures and video that are making the rounds on the internet. The WWE star posted:

As of now, WWE has still yet to comment and Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that no immediate comment has been available from Paige’s team over whether she will be taking any action against those who have disseminated the pics.

UPDATE: According to several reports, Paige’s partner in one of the videos being shared online is former WWE roster member Brad Maddox. It is not known when the videos and pictures were taken, although the two were reportedly in a relationship. Maddox worked for WWE from 2010 to 2012 on a developmental deal and then was called up to the main roster in August 2012 to work as a referee. He eventually became the brand’s general manager in 2014 until he was “fired” from that position, making a return as an in-ring talent in 2015 until he was released in November of that year for using the phrase “cocky pricks” during a dark match.

As of this point, Paige has not commented on the leak nor has WWE. Contrary to some rumors out there, Paige has not deleted her social media accounts; she simply has yet to post anything since the story broke earlier today. Her brother posted the following this evening, which may be related:

ORIGINAL: It appears as though Paige may have been victim of online hacking, as several private nude photos and sex videos have leaked online today and are popping up on Twitter, Reddit, and other places. The photos and videos are very graphic, and show Paige using a dildo and having sex with an unidentified man.

This comes days after photos of celebrities like Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried were stolen and leaked online. Watson is currently planning legal action. However, it’s unknown at this time if Paige was part of that specific hack or if this is separate.

We obviously won’t be posting the photos or videos here.

There was a huge hack in 2014 in which many photos of celebrities were released online. The hacker, Ryan Collins, was arrested and sentenced to eighteen months in prison. He hacked into at least fifty Apple iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts with a phishing scam.

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