Ventura Awarded $1.8 Million In Defamation Case

According to The Associated Press, a jury awarded former Minnesota Govenor Jesse Ventura $1.8 million in his lawsuit against the estate of “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle. The jury deliberated for six days, and came to the decision that the book defamed Ventura in its description of a bar fight in California in 2006. Kyle wrote that he decked a man whom he later identified as Ventura after the man allegedly said the Navy SEALs, “deserve to lose a few.”

The defense presented witnesses that stated that the fight happened, Ventura denied the stories, and the judge found the witnesses not to be credible. The jury told the judge Monday that it didn’t believe it could reach a unanimous verdict, but the judge instructed them to continue. Attorneys for both sides agreed that the verdict did not need to be unanimous and that they would accept a verdict if only eight of ten jurors agreed.

More on the story is available at this link.

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