VIDEO: Brad Maddox Is Still Stuck In A Cave!

Brad Maddox appears to still be stuck in a cave: He has been “working” the fans in a new video series:


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  • The DOLPHin

    WWE should start running these on RAW every week to hype his return and then bring him in as a member of the wyatt family… That would be bloody genius

    • Hunter

      That would be stupid. Run them yes, Wyatt family…. Dumb

      • The DOLPHin

        Lol I just like the idea of him coming back as a dark character after being a goofball before he left

        • The DOLPHin

          It would be an awesome story. He was a moron, got fired, got stuck in a cave, went insane, and came back as a psycho

  • Captain Obvious

    He’s lucky that cave has Wi-Fi…

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