VIDEO: Bray Wyatt Injured By Ric Flair Last Night

Here is a video of Ric Flair busting open Bray Wyatt at last night’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden:

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  1. Hurumph says:

    That’s funny, one punch busts him open, the rest didn’t even look like they connected.

  2. MondoMB83 says:

    He potatoed him in the eyebrow. The old Foley special.

  3. Jim Pimmers says:

    Flair welcomed him to the business with an old fashioned hard way shot. I see that Flair is really starting to sport the Hogan bald crown and hair curtain.

  4. Asshole says:

    Where is the injury? He got a boo boo. That used to happen nightly at wrestling cards around the country, world, whatever. Broken leg is an injury. Breaking your neck is an injury……. Cut foreheads bleed like a stuffed pig besause of all the tissue. Mix that with sweat and u look like a horror film. That’s not an injury Hack.

    • o.O says:

      Lol you might want to check that saying. Stuck pig. Not stuffed. Foreheads don’t bleed bc of tissue lol. They bleed that much because the skin is so thin and all of the blood vessels are closer to the surface of your skin than anywhere else in the body. If you have a lot of tissue present on your forehead you might want to go to a doctor bc you probably have a tumor. As much as I like making fun of Ryan and his sensationalist headlines this is an injury by the very definition of the word. You yourself said he got a boo boo. What’s a boo boo? An injury. Ryan did what Ryan does and he trumped up link hits via sensationalism.

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