VIDEO: Heyman On Tonight’s Lesnar/Goldberg Match

In an interview with Between the Ropes, Paul Heyman spoke about the possibility of Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Universal Title and if he’ll make more appearances if that happens. Here are highlights:

On Goldberg’s return: “What a fascinating rise back into prominence. And as I said on Monday Night Raw, it’s not like others haven’t tried, and not just anybody, not slouches, we’re talking Sting the icon. Not just anybody here, Sting, the greatest star in WCW and if he wasn’t the greatest star in WCW certainly the case could be made he’s top one or two and Sting couldn’t pull this off, but Goldberg did and he did it with dominance and devastation and destruction. In a way that no person could’ve seen coming. So, I am fascinated by this rise back to the main event by Goldberg and I am awfully proud of him. I have nothing but respect and admiration for what he’s pulled off and I’m happy for him. That he gets to go out in a matter that is worthy of his real life and his persona and that he gets to go down at the hands of Brock Lesnar this Sunday.”

On Brock Lesnar appearing more on WWE TV after WrestleMania: “I would presume that after this Sunday my job will be to say ‘ladies and gentleman my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar,’ and should that be the case and as a spoiler I say it will be the case. I think defending that championship will be on the table and it will be on Brock Lesnar’s plate and we will probably be more visible this year then we have in the past five years in WWE. Simply because there will be a title to defend and it’s a new title and you want to establish that title. The WWE Championship we didn’t have to defend that often because it’s already an established championship, but now you have two competing championships and you don’t want to be the champion that is not as visible as the other champion. So, we’re going to take the Universal Championship and do something with it because that’s what Brock Lesnar does. It’s not that the championship will define Brock Lesnar, it’s that Brock Lesnar will define the championship.”

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