VIDEO: Vince McMahon Talks HHH/’Taker Staredown

Here is a new clip from WrestleMania Rewind. The video features Mr. McMahon discussing the stare down between Undertaker and Triple H on their road to WrestleMania XXVII…

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  1. Oliver Humperdink says:

    Obviously, he’s right. But like any tactic, silence can be overused too. It wouldn’t surprise me if the creative team tried to copy that approach until it outlived its welcome. Vince must hate having to delegate on the creative front. Nobody, other than Heyman, seems to understand how to write compelling creative material for WWE. It’s sad because nearly every character — including Cena, Bryan, Orton and certainly the younger guys — would benefit from more engaging scripts. Most of the current crop all sort of fumble — except for Wyatt, who has found a good niche (although he runs the risk of sounding redundant). That’s why legendary talkers like Piper, Roberts, Flair, Hogan, Rock and Austin are still entertaining when they appear.

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