VIDEOS: 5 Potential Heyman Guys + Fatherhood

— WWE has posted the following video, looking at five potential Paul Heyman guys…

— WWE has released a behind-the-scenes video which looks at WWE & Ad Council’s “fatherhood” campaign.


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  1. Mag says:

    Paul Heyman Guy is a passé term. Punk is the one aNd only true, Heyman Guy. He coined the phrase. So WWE should try to steer away from a Punkism and consider the possibility of returning to the concept of the Dangerous Alliance. My picks for this massive stable would be:

    -SUMMER RAE (gotta have a valet)

    Of course, Brock would still be managed by Heyman, but I wouldn’t add him as part of this stable. Brock is a special attraction and it would be unrealistic to think he would work weekly storylines with this crew. But these 5 up and commers plus Summer, would make for an awesome stable IMO to rival others. I’m thinking bigger than the NEXUS, and prob nWo status.

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