WWE House Show 8.16.14 – San Jose, California

Credit: Shanon Kumamoto

A good turnout in San Jose. They played a WWE Network Top Ten episode before showtime. There were a number of matches from the Summer Slam card.

Dean Ambrose d. Seth Rollins. This match was the opener and match of the night. It was the only one to get “This is awesome!” chants. Ambrose got the win with dirty deeds after a number of false finishes.

Adam Rose d. Heath Slater. Audience could vote between a standard match or a dance off. A standard match got 51% of the vote. Slater got some cheers in what was a dull match. Rose hit his finisher for the win.

RVD and Big E d. Ryback and Cesaro. Interesting team ups here. Lots of “Goldberg” chants for Ryback. RVD got the win with a 5 star on Cesaro.

Rusev d. Jack Swagger. Lana and Zeb did their thing before the match started. Lana caused a distraction that allowed Rusev to hit a low blow. Swagger tapped to the accolade after a failed attempt to power out of it.

Chris Jericho d. Bray Wyatt (Ric Flair as special guest referee). Wyatt enters the ring before Jericho. The first few seconds of the Bella Twins’ entrance music played with Jericho’s titan tron video. When it happened a second time. Wyatt threw his head back in laughter. Match was a bit awkward as Flair is not the speediest referee. Jericho gets the win with a code breaker after some assistance from Flair.

Natalya and Layla d. Paige and Rosa Mendez. Paige skipped around the ring to mock a non-present AJ. Natalya makes Mendez tap to the sharpshooter.

Roman Reigns d. Randy Orton. Orton controlled most of the match with Reigns coming back towards the end to hit all of his signature moves. Nice moment where Reigns went for a spear and Orton countered with a power slam. Reigns gets the win after a successful spear.

Jimmy Hart comes out to introduce Hulk Hogan. They played the same video from his birthday celebration on Raw. Hogan came out to a huge pop. He hyped the WWE Network, WWE 2K15, Wrestlemania 31, and Summer Slam.

John Cena d. Kane. This was a “San Jose” street fight for the WWE championship. Lots of “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants. Cena got the with after an AA to Kane through a table.

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  1. callmesomeone says:

    A San Jose street fight? My only guess is that coffee, software, and well to do snobby sorts were used as weapons

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