WWE Network Employees Worried About Their Jobs

Partial Source: Pwinsider

WWE Network employees are said to be very nervous and “walking on eggshells” because of the lack of strategy or direction for the service. One example was the Cougar Countdown special for Vickie Guerrero, which WWE told them to produce when Vickie left in June. They weren’t given any details on when the special would air, and everything was “last minute.”

WWE will make a network subscriber announcement on Thursday during the conference call for the second quarter. There is concern that there will be Network employee cuts after the announcement. The source suggested that unless there is a live event (PPV, Main Event, NXT), the viewing numbers for the rest of the Network’s programming are not a very large amount.

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  1. Ryan Stephens says:

    I know vince mcmahon has been trying a lot to get more people to sign up for the network. I have been signed up since its inception. I honestly dont know why a lot of people have not signed up. My subscription has paid for itself 100x over. Being able to watch WM 30, and all other PPVs that I would not be able to other wise. Im sure Vince and his marketing department will come up with a decent strategy to make the network more appealing than it already is. One thing I love is I can look up memorable moments, go to a specific smackdown or raw in an instant. If people are worried if the network works correctly, as there was a ton of bugs in the beginning, it works perfectly now. It just depends on the strength of your wifi connection. I am not here trying to market or promote. I am speaking of my own personal experience with the network. I for one do not plan on shutting it off anytime soon.

    • sonatona10 says:

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    • gerbert the says:

      I am personally waiting for them to put out the 4 hour documentary on Beaver Cleavage that they have been talking about a lot recently.

  2. Victor Kwon says:

    I have been a happy subscriber for the network since the beginning too, but I do understand why a lot of people are disappointed/not interested in it. I think what WWE should do is, instead of just saying “watch every PPV ever!”, maybe have something that actually encourages people to go look up old matches/storylines. For example, with the recent buzz Sting has been creating, have a list or short, 1 minute video on the opening page that suggests the best matches Sting was a part of in the WCW days, with the PPVs shown available right there, ready for viewing. With Roman Reigns getting more and more popular, have a suggestion list of PPVs and RAWs that featured key moments earlier in his career.

    Maybe it’s easier to look stuff up on a computer, but I use my PS4 for watching the network, and the interface is slightly laggy and the search tool is very poor. If I didn’t get every PPV, I probably would’ve unsubscribed too.

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