WWE’s Most Underrated Stable?, WWE HOF Update

— As noted earlier here on the website, there continues to be a lot of talk regarding plans for a physical WWE Hall Of Fame and wrestling museum. WWE has reportedly contacted several historians and have made solid financial offers for various memorabilia.

It’s being said that while Vince McMahon has never had any real interest in a physical Hall Of Fame, Triple H is very interested in it, and is looking to make it happen.

WWE.com has a new poll asking which stable is the most underrated of all time. The options are below; currently the Wolfpac is ahead with 36% of the vote. The Straight Edge Society is in second with 24%. You can vote at the link.

* The Dangerous Alliance
* The Million Dollar Corporation
* The Triple Threat
* nWo Wolfpac
* The Un-Americans
* The Flock
* King Booker’s Court
* The Straight Edge Society
* The Jersey Triad

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  1. Eddie Graham says:

    FACTION! A stable is for horses, learn the basic wrestling terminology thanks.

    • Nick says:

      Plenty of people call it a stable, even rick flair calls the horsemen a a a stable. It’s not ment literally, don’t try to say it ls cause they’re “horsemen” either. Many words can be used out of context. Doosh

  2. The DOLPHin says:

    The flock!

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