Zack Ryder: ‘I Fought Cancer In High School’, Birthdays

— Gordon Solie was born on this date in 1929. The legendary announcer died of throat cancer on July 27, 2000 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 by Jim Ross.

— The Honky Tonk Man turns 60 years old today.

— Jay Briscoe turns 29 years old today.

— BJ Whitmer turns 35 years old today.

— There are no pro wrestling shows listed for ESPN Classic this weekend. The AWA and UWF shows will return on Monday night.

— In the most recent edition of WWE Magazine, Zack Ryder does an interview and reveals that he battled cancer in high school.

The article makes mention of a scar on his chest that is courtesy of his fight with cancer. In the article, Ryder says he usually doesn’t discuss it because he doesn’t want sympathy.

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  1. Botch Cara says:

    I really hope Zack Ryder doesn’t have to fight cancer again whilst in WWE, I’m pretty sure they’d make him job to it the way things are currently going for Ryder.

  2. cjcxjd says:

    Calling bullshit. I know 4 people that went to school with Matt and never heard that.

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